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Frontend Demo

The offline payment methods of Check or Money Order are the only payment methods activated for the demo. This way you don't have to enter any test credit or debit card data, making it easier for you to demo the software.

Backend Demo

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  • Pass: Demo123


This is not your ordinary One Step Checkout Extension for Magento 2. This One Step Checkout, aka OSC, is feature rich with optimization tactics that we have learned over the years of optimizing checkout flows. For the first time, your store will have the ability to streamline the customer’s experience, removing all blocks which would prevent the user from moving through the checkout funnel.

  • Skip over the cart and go direct to checkout
  • Customized success page offers all of the customers checkout information
  • Offer immediate product downloads on the success page
  • Receive download confirmations to comply with PayPal's buyer protection policy
  • Address Auto-Suggest prevents bad shipping addresses
  • Seamlessly register guest users and email them their auto-generated password
  • Set checkout defaults to streamline the checkout process
  • Increase cart abandonment response emails by immediately capturing emails

System Configurations

Skip The Cart

For ecommerce websites offering a single product or products where the customers rarely buy two at a time, you can now skip right over the cart and take the customer directly to the checkout page. This feature is great for pushing customers down the checkout funnel faster. This is an optional configuration that you choose to activate or not.

Allow Cart Editing During Checkout

Turn the checkout page into a fully functional cart by allowing your customers to edit their cart during checkout. You can choose to display the product images, allow qty editing and allow product removal all from the checkout. With our extension, there is no need to return to the cart page in order to edit your cart items.

Coupon Option

Display or hide the coupon option on the checkout. This further transforms the checkout into a fully functional cart page. Pricing will be updated the moment coupons are successfully applied, otherwise the customer receives a notice letting them know the coupon's status. As the store owner, you can choose to either show or hide the coupon option.

Custom Success Page

The native Magento success page offers nothing to a customer. Even worse, if you offer downloadable products, customers will have to figure out where to download them. With our customized success page, your customers will see exactly what details they used to make their purchase. Information such as their Order details, download instructions and download link will be shown. This information is displayed directly on the order confirmation page. Even better, your customers will have the ability to access the downloadable products right from the success page. You even have the ability to customize and offer additional buttons on the success page.

Custom Success Page:

Seamless Guest Registration

Auto-generate the customer's password quietly as you register their account behind the scenes. You no longer need to ask the customer if they want to create an account. You can bypass Magento’s login popup which forces customers to login or create an account before proceeding to checkout. By doing this, we reduce any unnecessary steps for the customer to complete the purchase.

Simply let them complete their checkout and worry about registration later.

You can automatically register customer accounts and send them their auto-generated passwords. After checkout, these auto-generated passwords will be emailed to them, but it’s an optional feature that can be turned off.

Lastly, it allows customers, who do have accounts, to sign in on the checkout page, without reverting to a previous screen.

Customers may login on the checkout page:

Set Checkout Defaults

With the ability to define defaults on the checkout page, your customers will be guided directly to the shipping method and payment method that you prefer. This reduces clicks and increases conversions by allowing customers to see what they’re getting into before they touch anything.

The Checkout Page:

Increase Abandoned Cart Response Rates

Unlike native Magento and our competition, this One Step Checkout immediately saves the customer's email address as they enter it. The email address is saved directly to the customer's quote within Magento, making it possible for your Abandoned Cart follow-up extensions to send out more emails.

Prevent Bad Shipping Addresses With Auto-Suggest

We know the problems that large ecommerce companies face, losing thousands of dollars each year on bad shipping addresses. After testing many options to remedy this problem, we have found that Google's Address Auto-Suggest feature makes a non-intrusive and smooth option for customers to choose the right address every time. Google’s address auto-suggestion will pre-fill the address during checkout. It will also suggest address completion as users typer their addresses. This helps prevent bad addresses from getting in your system thereby cutting your costs incredibly.

The address suggestion feature completing the customer’s address:

The address suggestion feature attempting to auto-detect the customer’s address:

Immediate Download Offering

If you're selling downloadable products, don't force your users to go searching for the download links. With One Step Checkout from Mage Plugins, you can now offer the download link directly on the customized checkout success page.

Custom success page:

Download Confirmation

Protecting yourself from fraudulent claims is so important when running an ecommerce business in today’s world.

With our extension, you will receive the customer's download confirmation which complies with PayPal's Buyer Protection policies. This will protect you from fraudulent claims. The customer's full name, IP address, date, time and order information is stored the moment that they request a download. We can document that the same customer’s IP address that purchased the product and the IP address that downloaded the product are the same.

The download confirmation details will display under the customer’s account. It will show whenever the customer has downloaded the product.

As a store owner, it’s vital that you confirm that your customers are downloading the correct products. With our extension, we confirm this and comply with PayPal’s Buyer Protection policies. Have the peace of mind that you’ll be protected from fraudulent claims when you purchase our OneStepCheckout extension.

Customer Portal

Downloadable items are shown on the customer’s dashboard:

Downloads History

Download history is displayed in the customer order in admin:

System Configurations

General options which manage the overall checkout process

Allows you to configure the default payment and shipping options

Configuring the cart items which are displayed on the checkout page

Enabling the google address suggestion to prevent bad addresses

Allows you to adjust the checkout colors without knowing code

Displays product download options on the checkout success page

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