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The offline payment methods of Check or Money Order are the only payment methods activated for the demo. This way you don't have to enter any test credit or debit card data, making it easier for you to demo the software.

Backend Demo

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Our Zone Pricing is a Magento module that helps to set product prices according to visitor geographical locations. It enables you to adjust prices for zones (areas / locations / countries / regions / states), by providing either fixed or percentage based discounts for a particular product.


In administrator panel: System -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Catalog -> Price -> Enable Zone Pricing .

Naturally, to disable Zone Pricing switch to No.

Setting Price Per Zone

Zone Pricing can help you set proper product prices by country / region / state / zip / postal code.

In administrator panel: Catalog -> Manage Products -> Edit Product -> Zone Prices.

Now you can set prices per zones:

  • Country – Choose a particular country from the drop down list;
  • Region / State – Choose a particular region / state if required;
  • Zip / Postal Code – Enter zip / postal code if required;
  • Amount – Enter discount value;
  • Apply – Select percentage discount or fixed amount to deduct from the price;

Don’t forget to press the Submit button.

If you want to delete/edit the prices go to the Action column.

Assume that you have provided 10 percent discount on a Product A for United States. The visitor will see the product price with the discount according to his place of residence. The visitor's location can be adjusted manually with the Customer Locator function.

The Best Extensions Backed By The Best Support Team