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Live Demo

Frontend Demo

The offline payment methods of Check or Money Order are the only payment methods activated for the demo. This way you don't have to enter any test credit or debit card data, making it easier for you to demo the software.

Backend Demo

  • User: demo
  • Pass: Demo123


Hidden Guest Registration can cause a lot of problems and lost sales if not completed properly. Our hidden registration extension does not interfere with the checkout process, it does not try to quietly log users in or modify the checkout process in any way. This extension is perfectly stable because we wait until the order has been completely processed and the checkout is finished before triggering the registration. Once the order has been completed, our extension goes to work creating the customer account from the guest order information and then associating the created orders with the newly created / found customer account.

Automatic Conversion

Upon installation of the Hidden Guest Registration extension, all guests will be converted to customer accounts and their order will be associated with the newly created account.

If the guest already has an account, the system will locate it by the guest's email address and the new guest order will be associated with the existing customer account.

Manual Conversion

Order Grid with New Column

If you have guest orders in your store prior to installing this extension, you will be able to easily see which orders were purchased by guests. We've added a new column to the order grid "Is Guest".

  1. In this column, if the order belongs to a customer, you will see the customer's ID and it'll be linked to the customers account.
  2. If the order is for a guest, you will see the word Guest.

This makes it quick to locate which orders have been registered by guests, so that you can convert them into Customer accounts.

A New Option to Convert Guests to Customers

Upon opening a guest order, you'll see the newly added button to the top right of your screen. It should exists next to the SAVE option. When you click this button it will do the following:

  1. Checks to see if the order was partially converted and needs to be fixed.
  2. Checks to see if the customer already exists, using the email address provided.
  3. Creates the customer's account if it doesn't exist.
  4. Associates the order with the customer's account.
  5. Converts the order to a customer order instead of a guest order.

The Best Extensions Backed By The Best Support Team