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Q. I'm Getting A White/Blank Page.

A. A white or blank screen indicates that there was a fatal error on your website. Your server configurations have been set to production mode which prevents the errors from displaying. To display the error make the following adjustment to your $webroot/index.php file.

ini_set('display_errors', 1);
ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1);

Once you've updated your index file you can reload the page and the error should be visible. You may not want to leave the error visible on a production website, so be sure to remove the code when you're done.

You can also locate the cause of the error by reading your server's error logs. You will need to contact your hosting provider to determine where your error logs are stored.

Q. I'm Getting A New Error, Can You Help Me?

A. You'd like our help because you've had the extension installed on your website for a long time and you've recently changed something, upgraded your Magento or installed new extensions and you're getting a new error.

First we would encourage you to download the latest copy of the extension. The error that you're experiencing could very likely be a compatibility issue with the latest Magento codebase and we've probably already fixed it. We cannot provide efficient support for extensions older than one year. Downloading the latest extension may cause you to purchase a new license.

If you don't want to install the latest version of the extension, but you'd still like our help, then we will need you to visit our Support Center.

Q. I Don't Think That The Extension Installed Properly.

A. The best way to confirm that an extension installation is being recognized by Magento is to look within the Advanced Configurations area. System > Configurations > Advanced > Advanced See the screenshot below:

If you've confirmed that the extension is being recognized by Magento and you're still having problems, continue reading.

You'll want to test to see if the extension has been installed correctly. To do this we'll need to disable all other third party extensions and retest. The following instructions will show you how.

Disable the cache

Go to System > Cache Management and you'll see the screen below.

  1. Select all of the checkboxes for the rows in the table.
  2. Using the Actions dropdown select the disable option.
  3. Press the submit button and watch all of the status flags turn red.
  4. Now press the Flush Cache Storage button.

Disable the compiler

Go to System > Tools > Compilation and you'll see the screen below.

If the Compiler Status reads Enabled, then we'll need to disable it. Click the Run Compilation Process button and the compiler status should toggle to Disabled.

Place The Website In Maintenance Mode

This step only needs to be done on production websites.

To place a Magento store into Maintenance Mode you need to create a file in the webroot called maintenance.flag. Make sure that this file has the permissions needed for Magento to recognise the file. When Magento sees the file it will display the maintenance page for all users.

Disable All Third Party Extensions

With all of the third party extensions disabled we can confirm that the extension in question was installed properly and is operating properly. To properly disable the extensions you'll need to access the filesystem and update the xml files within app/etc/modules. This is the only way to disable an extension completely and ensure that it's codebase is not processing.

Open the xml files, one at a time and change the active setting to false. This will effectively disable the module. All of your data will remain in tact until you re-enable the extension.

Retest The Extension In Question

Now that all of the third party extensions are disabled it's time to retest the original extension. Once you've concluded the status of the extension you can re-enable all of the third party extensions.

Q. I Think That I Have A Compatibility Issue With Another Extension.

A. If you've installed the extension and some features are not acting as you expect them to, you could have compatibility errors with other extensions. A compatibility error is caused when two extensions attempt to customize an object within Magento.

Locate The Compatibility Error

In order to fix the compatibility error you need to first determine which extensions are having a conflict. To find the conflicting extensions follow the steps in the Did It Install answer to disable all of the third party extensions.

Once all of the third party extensions have been disabled you can begin enabling them one at a time. Each time you enable a new extension retest for the error. The error will be displayed as soon as you enable the conflicting extension.

Once you've determined which extension has been disabled, skip the conflicting extension and continue enabling the third party extensions. You may find a second extension which is causing an additional conflict.

You can easily remedy the compatibility error by leaving the conflicting extensions disabled. If you need the conflicting extensions, continue reading.

Determine What The Error Is

If you have development experience you can locate the compatiblity error using a tool that we created, The Developer Toolbar. This tool will show you which classes are being overidden. You can easily remedy the conflicts by extending the called class with the overidden class.

If the compatibility is too complex you may need to Hire a Developer That Specializes In Magento.

Q. Where Can I Download The Extension I Purchased?

Immediately after purchasing an extension you'll be provided with a link that will allow you to download the extension. These download links will also be emailed to you.

If you need to download the extension at a later time you may log into Your Account at Mage Plugins. Once logged in you'll find the downloads page in your account area. It's from here that you'll be able to find all of your downloads.

After purchase you'll receive your temporary password emailed to you.

All downloads will be available for twelve months after your purchase. You may repurchase the extension at any time in order to restart your download period.

Q. Do you provide Magento customization service?

We do provide Magento customizations services. Please refer to our Magento Services page for further information.

Q. What is the license policy? On how many websites can I use Amasty extensions?

All extensions come with our standard commercial license

Q. Can I get a refund if an extension doesn’t suit me?

Yes. We offer a 25-day money back guarantee for all of our extensions. You must request your refund prior to 25 days proceeding your purchase.

Q. I'm getting the following error: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation.

This error is received when the Magento Compiler was enabled when an extension is first installed. To prevent this error please remember to disable the Magento Compiler before you install an extension.

Q. Can I receive a free trial?

Mage Plugins does not provide free trials of our software. We have fully operable demo websites which will allow you to explore and configure the extensions for testing. We do offer a 25-day refund policy, which allows you to purchase the extension and test the software before deciding to keep it.

Q. I'm getting "404 Not Found" error when trying to open configuration page.

Please log out and then log back into the administrative area, so that Magento can refresh. This will remove the 404 error.

Q. How to completely uninstall the extension?

We have provided you with a complete un-installation guide within the documentation. Please see The Un-install guide

Q. Can I get an access to the source code of your extensions?

We do not obfuscate, encrypt or compile our extensions. All of our code is very organized and well commented and you have full access to everything.

The Best Extensions Backed By The Best Support Team