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The offline payment methods of Check or Money Order are the only payment methods activated for the demo. This way you don't have to enter any test credit or debit card data, making it easier for you to demo the software.

Backend Demo

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Our Currency Geo Filter extension provides flexible location-based currency control. It gives you the ability to split allowed store currencies by countries and accommodates visitors with currencies in a desirable way. The store administrator is allowed to set the single currency. It also lets users choose from the list depending on the country the visitor came from (or by shipping / billing addresses optionally). The visitor’s location is tracked by the Customer Locator built-in extension.


In administrator panel: System -> Configuration -> General -> Currency Setup -> Geo Filter.

You can see the set of options to control the extension behaviour here.


Enable / disable extension. The system manages currency handling by default if the extension is disabled. Although the Currency Geo Filter manager remains available.

Read only the Order Currency

If enabled, the currency will be corrected during the checkout process, according to the method chosen below.

Read Order Currency

Available options are: Shipping Address, Billing Address. Shipping address option means currency must be recalculated according to the shipping address entered. Billing Address makes currency dependent on billing address accordingly.

The system allows you to adjust the currency within the checkout process automatically. Lets look at a sample. The visitor comes form Germany. Germany has a Euro currency allowed. But the shipping address is in USA. The currency will be switched to the US Dollar in this case automatically (optionally). The same option is available for the billing address as well. This way the administrator has advanced control with currencies.

Currency Geo Filter Manager

You will find the Currency Geo Filter manager page under System -> Currency Geo Filter in administrator panel.

This screen allows you to assign each currency to multiple countries.

The country assigned to multiple currencies

Some currencies are assigned to the same country in this case. The visitor will be permitted to select the most appropriate currency allowed. The first matching currency enabled by default will be selected, unless the default store currency is present in the allowed currency list. For example, an administrator selects Germany for Euro and US Dollar currencies. Then any visitor coming from a Germany address has 2 currency switcher options: Euro and US Dollar. Euro is active by default, as the first matching currency, unless the US dollar is the default store currency.

The country assigned to the single currency

The system currently switches automatically, and no currency switcher is displayed for the visitor. For example, Germany was selected for the Euro currency only. Visitors coming from Germany are seeing prices in Euro and no currency switcher box is displaying in this case.

The country is not assigned to any currency

The default currency will be applied to visitors and no currency switcher box will be displayed.

The Best Extensions Backed By The Best Support Team